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Call Ivor on (08) 9275-9188 to solve your spreadsheet problems. 
We can help you online via Zoom, etc, or Face-to-Face, at your Pace and Level.

                                                          Since 1982 we have helped 100’s of businesses and 1000’s of individuals to master Excel Spreadsheets, throughout Australia.

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Expert Excel Consulting, Support, Training
and Development to assist your
Career and/or Business.


  • Are you feeling that your co-workers are much more Excel savvy than yourself, and too embarrased to ask them for help?

  • Do you need help to improve your spreadsheets?

  • Would you like to be trained, 1-on-1 (or your group), in 2 or 3 hours units, at any time suitable to yourself, at your level and pace? This is especialy suitable for FIFO workers.

  • Do you only have Saturdays available for Training? 

  • Training can be provided “face-to-face” at our office, your office, or via Zoom, Teams, etc. Basic – Intermediate – Advanced.

  • Let us show you how DANGEROUS spreadsheets can be, and how to avoid pitfalls that can be very painful and costly. Become the Excel Hero at your office!

    Call Ivor (Your Excel Specialist, since 1982) now on (08) 9275-9188 to arrange our unique Excel learning experience, or email at

    (Pricing from $230 for our Excel Introduction Course). 

Excel Consultancy falls under the umbrella of Fast Track Computer Solutions which has been in continous operation since 1985. Thousands of businesses and individuals assisted.

We have concentrated in Microsoft 365 services covering Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Project, Powerpoint, as well as Primavera P6.

Below, see an example our very popular Excel Estimating Solution for the Building Industry, used by 100’s of Builders.

We can troubleshoot and/or improve an existing spreadsheet, or help you build a new one from scratch. 


Cashflow * Budgeting * Human Resources * Dashboards * Graphs and Charts * Job Tracking * Estimating and Quoting * Rostering * Simple Bookkeeping * Marketing and Prospecting * Pivot Tables * Event and Travel Booking * Membership Recording * Time Planning (Bar Charts – See above), and many more.


Builders * Contractors * Accountants * Architects * Logistics * Defence * Federal, State and Local Government * Health * Finance Advisors * Banking * Mining * Oil and Gas * Engineering * Project Management * Retail * Entertainment * Hospitality * Travel * Maintenance (Mechanical, Plant and Buildings) * Property Management * Used Vehicle Dealers

Advantages of our Training over Public Courses

  • 1-on-1 or your small group
  • 2 or 3 hours units for maximum retention. You will hardly remember anything after a full day training. So many of our trainees have told us, that they would never go to public courses again!
  • You go away, practice what we teach you. Then during your next unit, we can revise and/or answer questions.
  • You will learn twice as much in the same time.
  • You are not afraid to ask questions which you may be embarrassed to do in a group.
  • There will not be other trainees who “commandeer” the trainer, thus compromising the teaching.
  • No parking issues.
  • Can work on your spreadsheets, databases or documents, for your industry.
  • Flexible training sessions. Work in with your FIFO rosters.
  • No waiting for classes to fill.
  • We can train you on Saturday mornings too.
  • No course cancellations.
  • During Excel training, we show how easy it is to make mistakes. Hardly any trainers will show this to you!
  • Your Accredited trainer, Ivor, has over 50 years expertise in Business Management, Project Management, IT and Bookkeeping, having trained 1000’s since 1982.
  • This is the best investment in your future career that you will ever make.
  • This is the best value for such training that you will find in Perth and WA.

About Our Team

Ivor is our team’s Principal and Managing director. He is a trained Quantity Surveyor with a Degree in Building Science (Construction Management), as well as an Accredited Trainer.

Ivor has worked with spreadsheets since 1982!

With over 50 years experience in Australia and Overseas, he is well placed to assist your team to ensure that they have the correct up-to-date training in Technology, Systems, Contract Administration,  Business Management, and Excel Consultancy Solutions.

Other team members include three qualified System Analysts/Programmers, and an Administrator.

excel consulting , excel training from expert in australia

Ivor Kosowitz
Business Owner, Principal Accredited Trainer and Business Solution Consultant.


Come from all walks-of-life. For example, stay-at-home-mums who want to re-enter the workforce, trade persons who want to move into admistration, professionals who want to enhance their careers, etc.

We offer Excel Consutancy and 1-on-1 or Your Group Training in 2 or 3 hour blocks at any one time.

This way you will retain more knowledge, above trying to cram such training in one day. Training also offered Online via Zoom, etc

“Thank you Ivor for teaching me the basics on Excel. You have been very patient with me. I am looking forward to sorting out my spreadsheets and compiling my annual budget, with Ivor’s help its getting to be a lot easier. Instead of doing 1 full day I have done 3 split sessions, more time to practice. then the next session follows up anything I had trouble with. Also not so full on day of Excel overload!”
Beki Yates
Pet Specialty Territory Manager, Elanco Animal Health.

See what Bernard, writes:

18 October 2017
“I had the pleasure of attending an Excel intermediate Training session with Ivor Kosowitz.

His knowledge on Excel is by far the best I have come across in over 30 years in the Mining & Oil & Gas industries.

He has the patience and the skills to enable you to better your on skills.

The one on one training broken into small blocks on different days is by far the best solution for any candidate.

I would recommend Ivor to anyone seeking to improve their Excel skills.”



29th July 2017
I have recently taken on a new position as a Director of an Early Learning Centre. I found myself stumbling through the software packages of Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, as when I went to school we didn’t use computers. So I enrolled in a one day course in the city to try and upskill my knowledge. After taking the whole day off work and going into the city for the course I realise that I didn’t really learn much as I find it all overwhelming with the group setting and too much to take it at one time.

I find Ivor on the internet and thought that maybe one on one would be better. I started with a Powerpoint course and it was excellent I was able to go at my pace and ask questions as I thought of them and not worry about holding anyone else up.

I have since done an Outlook course with Ivor and will definitely be coming back to do training in Excel very soon.

I would highly recommend Ivor to anyone and wish I hadn’t spent all that time and money with another company.



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+61 (0)8 9275-9188

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