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Chris Mclennan (Mechanical Supervisor) writes on 02/11/2020:

“I had got to a point in my life where I really needed to learn to use programmes such as Microsoft Excel.
After putting it off for so long and making contact with other organisations that ran Classrooms or small groups, I spoke wit Ivor from Fast Track Computer Solutions. 

Ivor advised that the Classroom type 6 hour Day courses would not be beneficial and that he would only train in 2 hour blocks.

I’m so glad I took Ivor’s advice and over the period of 3 days, learnt Excel (basic) as I would have never really learnt more than 40% of Excel in a 6 hour 1 day course.

I highly recommend Fast Track Computer Solutions.”

Maria Di Lello (Professional Resume Writer) writes on 28/07/2020:

I’ve really enjoyed my one-on-one Excel Training at Fast Track with Ivor. It was great to be able to ask questions or ask Ivor to go over anything I felt I hadn’t quite grasped. That’s not something that you can easily do in a group type of class. Ivor explains the information very clearly so it’s not confusing, and that’s the foremost thing I need from an instructor. I have learnt a lot more about Excel and feel so much more confident of using it and exploring it.

I didn’t feel confident of my knowledge of Excel, and I know there’s a lot more to it, but I’m extremely happy with what I have learnt. Thank you Ivor!!!! I will definitely recommend your services!!!

 Aileen (Accounts Administrator) writes on 25/07/2020:

 I would highly recommend Ivor and his Excel 1 on 1 training courses.  I had been using excel for 20 years and after starting my new job I soon realized I knew nothing about the capabilities Excel had to offer and struggled with some of the formulas.

Ivor was able to split the two courses over a few Saturdays making it easier to retain the information, this also gave me the opportunity to practice the new skills learnt at my place of work between the training days.  If I then had any questions I could ask Ivor the next day I returned.

Ivor’s knowledge and information supplied and being able to tailor the courses to my actual job needs has definitely made my job a lot easier and I can honestly say I am more then capable to complete any excel task set by my employer.

Apart from covering the basics we covered Vlookups, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, Sumif, Sumifs, Sum Products, Speak on Enter, etc.

Thankyou Ivor for your knowledge and your unique training skills.

 Nikki Doutch (Administrator) writes on 29/05/2020:

I recently started a new job within my husband’s company undertaking an administration job.

This was very scary as my computer skill were very limited coming from a back ground in personal training.

I was recommended Ivor through a family friend, and have recently completed my Excel and Word training.

Training with Fast Track Computer Solutions was amazing. I was extremely nervous as I am not fast on a computer and my learning skills are not what they used to be, but this course was well presented, well explained and very helpful

Ivor has a massive range of skills to offer and explains and shows these skills in a way that you can understand and take in.

I will definitely be using the skills I have learnt and will be coming back to learn more!

“Thank you Ivor for teaching me the basics on Excel. You have been very patient with me. I am looking forward to sorting out my spreadsheets and compiling my annual budget, with Ivor’s help its getting to be a lot easier. Instead of doing 1 full day I have done 3 split sessions, more time to practice. then the next session follows up anything I had trouble with. Also not so full on day of Excel overload!”
Beki Yates
Pet Specialty Territory Manager, Elanco Animal Health.


See what Bernard, writes:

18 October 2017
“I had the pleasure of attending an Excel intermediate Training session with Ivor Kosowitz.

His knowledge on Excel is by far the best I have come across in over 30 years in the Mining & Oil & Gas industries.

He has the patience and the skills to enable you to better your on skills.

The one on one training broken into small blocks on different days is by far the best solution for any candidate.

I would recommend Ivor to anyone seeking to improve their Excel skills.”



29th July 2017
I have recently taken on a new position as a Director of an Early Learning Centre. I found myself stumbling through the software packages of Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint, as when I went to school we didn’t use computers. So I enrolled in a one day course in the city to try and upskill my knowledge. After taking the whole day off work and going into the city for the course I realise that I didn’t really learn much as I find it all overwhelming with the group setting and too much to take it at one time.

I find Ivor on the internet and thought that maybe one on one would be better. I started with a Powerpoint course and it was excellent I was able to go at my pace and ask questions as I thought of them and not worry about holding anyone else up.

I have since done an Outlook course with Ivor and will definitely be coming back to do training in Excel very soon.

I would highly recommend Ivor to anyone and wish I hadn’t spent all that time and money with another company.



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